Prevention is always better than a cure. Quick Heal has unique initiatives that directly engage the target audience, turning them into messengers for safe cyber practices. This includes the use of a film festival to promote cyber security awareness and ensure a generation of more aware netizens.

  • Earn and Learn: This initiative endeavours to shape the future champions of cyber security. Quick Heal provides training to Computer Science students regarding cyber security and safe and responsible practices online. These volunteers then go on to conduct lessons for others. They even receive a stipend for these efforts. Aside from increasing awareness, it provides professional exposure for the trainers while also creating an alternate means of revenue generation.
  • Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha: In covid19 pandemic, many things have changed drastically. Most impacted part of society is children. The change that may have long lasting impact on coming generation is education which has seen paradigm shift.when all schools kept working online, many challenges popped up while coping up with new normal. While teachers were naïve technology users and students more tech savvy, major threat was security in virtual world.
    Understanding this scenario, Quick Heal Foundation taken a responsibility and continued its work to sensitize about online threats, to guide students, teachers & parents by conducting online webinars “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha”


    1000+ Students
    2900+ Parents
    2500+ Teachers

  • Cy-Fi Karandak: Cy-Fi Karandak is a unique initiative towards increasing cyber security awareness. Previously involving plays, it has now taken the shape of a competitive film festival. The initiative is crafted as a one-of-its kind means of engaging and informing a growing audience regarding digital behavior and cyber security. The project is supported by Maharashtra Cyber.
25 Districts
1749 Volunteers
3 Universities
3739 Schools/colleges
23.5 lakh Lives Touched