Recognizing selflessness, sincerity, and creativity in action - Let's celebrate our partners in the pursuit of making cyber safety a fundamental right for all. It's time to choose the performance that left a lasting impact.

VPM’s B. N. Bandondkar College of Science (Autonomous), Thane

250+ Cyber Awareness Rally and Street Play

The college organized a street play on why cyber security awareness is necessary to inform the general public and students gathered at the TMT bus stand. The play was a successful medium to convey this message and reach the audience. The students were successful in drawing the crowd in and holding their attention. Online competitions were also held to get students to creatively engage with cyber security and learn more about it through healthy competition.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff, Public

Stakeholder: Students, Teachers

Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri

500+ Cyber Awareness Rally

The rally was flagged off by a police officer who also spoke on the need for cyber security awareness and how victims could report cyber crimes to the cyber police station. The Cyber Warriors part of the college spoke about their experience working with the Quick Heal Foundation and shared their inputs on the work the foundation does. The participants of the rally all took part in the cyber security ‘Oath taking ceremony’.

Audience: Students, Teaching & Non-teaching staff, Parents, Vendors, Police, Media

Stakeholder: Media, Police

Maharashtra College of Arts, Science and Commerce

1900+ Awareness and Oath Taking

The Cyber Warriors of the college spread awareness as a part of the program by holding an exhibition of the latest technologies and innovations that can be used to enhance the cyber security of the attendees. They also explained the concept of cyber security through charts and skits that were displayed in classrooms and the campus. The highlight of the day was the attendees taking the cyber security oath to safeguard their digital assets.

Audience: Students, Teaching & non-teaching staff, Parents, Vendors

Stakeholder: Parents

Pragati College of Arts and Commerce, Dombivli

800+ Cyber Security Awareness Skit and Presentation

The Cyber Warriors of the Quick Heal foundation prepared a skit and presentations for their peers and teachers on the importance of cyber security, opening their eyes to the numerous threats and cyber frauds that are out there and they ways in which they can protect themselves from these dangers. The principal gave some pearls of wisdom on online etiquette and safety. The students undertook the cyber security oath and downloaded the cyber security brochure.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff

Stakeholder: Principal, College management

Valia C.L College of Arts Science and Commerce

550+ Cyber Awareness and Cyber Street Play

The NSS unit of the college collaborated with the Quick Heal Foundation to organise a session to empower students with the knowledge to browse the web safely, how parents can monitor their children’s online activity to protect them from dangers and guiding teachers on how they can foster a secure online learning environment. The session was also accompanied by a Cyber Play to for all the attendees of the program to enjoy and learn from.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff, Parents, Media, Police

Stakeholder: Media, Police