Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet rural residents face various access barriers. Quick Heal Foundation’s medical vans – also known as ‘Arogya Yan’ have come as a ray of hope for people in the rural heartland of India who were till recently deprived of proper medical facilities.

Quick Heal Foundation has been engaged since inception in the field of public health. Our recent Arogya Yan – Medical Van donation initiative, appears to be the answer to the medical and technological disconnect between the Indian urban and rural.

Our state-of-the-art, fully equipped Medical Van make it possible to take medical aid to the people’s doorsteps and connect them to medical facilities.

Several health camps have been organized to provide Basic health check-up & diagnosis, Eye check-up, Covid Care, etc. The van has traveled across many remote locations in 6 States. Moreover, essential medicines are also provided as per the requirement free of cost.

7 States
11 Arogya Yan
450+ Villages
3.5 lakh+ Lives Touched

Target Location & Target Beneficiaries

We aim at changing more and more lives with Arogya Yan by reaching those in need of medical assistance in the rural areas. The underprivileged people living in the targeted areas are the beneficiaries of the program who are miles away from receiving proper medical treatment at the time of need.


The good word for the vans had already begun spreading among its beneficiaries. Doctor Sujit Nilegaonkar – Chairman, Founder trustee of Sangati, says, “We are grateful to Quick Heal Foundation for donating a mobile ambulance clinic to “Sangati.” The medical van greatly supported our initiative to reach out to distant villages in remote areas and provide hygienic and proper health facilities. As a result, the underprivileged now have access to doctors who examine and treat, monitor progress, and arrange advance treatment if required. The mobile medical van is the backbone of our project.”

Transforming the virtual healthcare vans into enablers

Covid-care kits, anti-venom and defibrillator kits, on-the-spot kits for the primary detection of diseases are some of the basic care provided by the medical van. Mr. Janardan – Medical Van Beneficiary says, “Medical Van is excellent support for us, as it has made basic treatment and necessary testing accessible for all villagers. Moreover, with doctors now available at our doorstep during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is an excellent help for severe patients to get immediate treatment or get referred to nearby specialized hospitals.”

The vans are built to be healthcare platforms manned by the paramedic staff to go into the most vulnerable sections of society, which any medical facility has never reached.