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We at Quick Heal, have leveraged over 26 years of experience in simplifying security to chart a brand new course in our journey – towards 'Securing Futures'. Our initiatives in corporate social responsibility address pressing challenges to development outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Quick Heal'S CSR initiatives are executed on ground by Quick Heal Foundation. With an aim to empower tomorrow’s change makers, we design technology-based solutions that impact individuals, communities and society as a whole.

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Our Causes

Eradicating Extreme Hunger and Poverty

Eradicating Extreme Hunger and Poverty

Poverty and hunger form a basic challenge to society today. Quick Heal has identified vulnerable tribal communities facing a dearth of necessary resources. By tackling these everyday challenges, we pave the path to pursue success. We help improve lives and livelihoods by providing basic infrastructure, empowering women, improving hygiene conditions and more.

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Promotion of Education

Promotion of Education

Quality education is a significant facet of developed communities. It enhances opportunities in the long-run and focuses on the holistic growth of future citizens. We have identified key areas preventing students from achieving their full potential. Guidance is given throughout the crucial points in their lives – from difficulties in learning to those that affect their personal sphere.

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Promotion of Cybersecurity

Promotion of Cybersecurity

The aspiration to achieve more fuels progress. We actively seek to spread the knowledge we have amassed over time, and allow for better economic opportunities for all. We engage with students and teachers, equipping them with industry relevant skills and training, to ensure the future bastions of cyber-security are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Latest Stories

06 Aug 2020

Distribution of immunity booster drugs to Covid 19...

To combat with current pandemic of Covid 19, Quick Heal Foundation is supporting frontline worriers to stay safe by providing them with immu...

09 Jul 2020

Distribution of immunity booster drugs to Covid 19...

In current Covid 19 pandemic, when Health workers, Police, cleaning workers are risking their life to save our lives, Quick Heal Foundation ...

23 Jan 2020

Cyber Fair 2020

“Cyber Fair” was organized by Quick Heal Foundation, Pankh and Pune Police, in RCM School, Pune on 23rd January 2020. The competition...


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