Recognizing selflessness, sincerity, and creativity in action - Let's celebrate our partners in the pursuit of making cyber safety a fundamental right for all. It's time to choose the performance that left a lasting impact.

Devchand College, Arjunnagar

1100+ people taking Cyber security Oath

The activity aimed to sensitize and create awareness about cyber security amongst the students, teachers and non-teaching staff, nearby vendors and the general public. The proceedings of the day started with the Cyber Warriors of the college sharing their experiences in the “Earn and Learn” by the Quick Heal Foundation. They lead the gathering in taking the cyber security oath and encouraged them to download the e-booklet on cyber security.

Audience: Students, Parents, General Public

Stakeholder: Vendors, Media

Govt First Grade College Dharawad

500+ Aparadh Mukt Maas

The college tackled two prominent concerns facing students; drug abuse and cyber security awareness, in one big fell swoop. Two high ranking police officials were invited to speak on these issues and share their expertise and experience with the students on the day. The idea of a collaborative effort was discussed to combat these problems and the importance of community involvement in creating a safer, healthier, and secure environment for everyone.

Audience: Students

Stakeholder: Vendors, Media, Police