Recognizing selflessness, sincerity, and creativity in action - Let's celebrate our partners in the pursuit of making cyber safety a fundamental right for all. It's time to choose the performance that left a lasting impact.

KBP Institute of Management Studies and Research Varye Satara

650+ Cyber Jagrukta Divas 2023

The event kicked off with a talk by a police officer on the importance of cyber security and how to report victimization along with details about cyber law. The student volunteers with the Quick Heal Foundation split into 5 groups and talked to the gathered crowd on their experiences with the foundation and the need to take cyber security safely. They lead their peers in the cyber security oath and downloading the cyber security brochures.

Audience: Students, Parents, Media, General Public

Stakeholder: Police, Media

Maulana Azad College of Arts, Science and Commerce

1500+ Cyber awareness through drama & rap song

The Cyber Warriors of the college together wrote and performed a skit with various social media platforms as characters and the dangers each one poses. A cyber warrior also composed a rap song to educate others through his words and rhymes on cyber crimes, cyber security and the punishments for cyber crimes. A skit was also held on phishing scam related matters. Awareness was also spread through an inventive use of Qawwali.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff, Parents

Stakeholder: Media, Police

School of Computational Sciences, P. H. S. U. Solapur

350+ Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Dindi

The college took out a rally that covered a distance of two kilometers. The students and participating members held banners and flyers up in the air for all those who could see and inform them about cyber security through the rally and posters. The cyber security oath was taken by students and faculty together as a pledge to be vigilant when they are online and uphold safe practices when using the Internet.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff

Stakeholder: Students

Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur

400+ Path Sanchalan va Laghu Natika "Cyber Security: Kalachi Garaj"

This mass activity began with Path Sanchalan with posters prepared by the cyber warriors from the college campus to Ganj Gola. The warriors then presented their Laghu Natika entitled "Cyber Security: Kalachi Garaj". It started with Powada and included two scenarios: Payment Fraud and Social Media Fraud. The students enjoyed the skits and were much better informed after the skits. The Cyber Security Oath was taken by all present at the end of activity.

Audience: Students, Farmers, Hawkers, Vendors, Vegetable sellers, General Public

Stakeholder: Police

Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya, Ambajogai

800+ Students Rally, Natak and Speeches

The students organized a mass rally at Yogeshwari Mandir for a large crowd with the aim to educate and inform them about cyber security and the various kinds of cyber frauds that are out there. They did this through plays that would depict how these frauds roll out in real life and equip the audience with the tools and awareness to handle these scams. The students also gave speeches on the need for cyber security.

Audience: Students, Parents, Police, General Public

Stakeholder: Police