Recognizing selflessness, sincerity, and creativity in action - Let's celebrate our partners in the pursuit of making cyber safety a fundamental right for all. It's time to choose the performance that left a lasting impact.

School of Computer Sciences, KBCNMU, Jalgaon

700+ National Cyber Security Awareness Month Celebration

A member of the Cyber police guided the audience on what entails as a cyber crime and how they can report them. He also directed the students to a website in case they come across a Morphing fraud. The student volunteers performed 3 skits on Morphing fraud, Matrimonial fraud and Online job and transaction fraud. The audience downloaded the cyber security brochure and recited the cyber security oath to close out the events of the day

Audience: Students, Parents, Media, Police Officials, General Public

Stakeholder: Media,Police

New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar

450+ Street Play on Cyber Security Awareness

The student volunteers organized a one act street play on how to remain safe from cyber fraud and cyber attacks. Another group of student volunteers oversaw a poster presentation to sensitize the audience on cyber security through images. Mall go-ers were also informed about cyber security and the ‘Earn and Learn’ scheme. A cyber police officer spoke on the importance of cyber security and how students could report cyber crimes in cases of victimization.

Audience: Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff, Parents, Vendors,General Public

Stakeholder: Media, Police,

S.N. Arts, D.J. Malpani Commerce and B.N. Sarda Science College (Autonomous) Sangamner

2100+ Mass Activity

The student volunteers organized a mass rally from Sangamner Bus Stand to Sangamner College Campus as a part of the Cyber Security Awareness campaign. Along the route, the volunteers performed and took part in a role-play exercise that talked about the threats that lack of cyber security awareness poses to the general public and urge them to take cyber security and provided them the necessary tips to safeguard themselves and others.

Audience: Students, Parents, Media, General Public

Stakeholder: Media

SSVPS’s L.K.Dr.P.R.Ghogrey Science College, Dhule

500+ Real life cyber frauds

The threat of cyber frauds was depicted through the enactment of three skits on photo morphing fraud, online shopping fraud and online gaming fraud. The skits showed how these scams work and the ways the students could enhance their own cyber security to protect themselves from these scams. After the skits, 4 impacted students came up to the organizers to seek assistance and guidance for their personal troubles with cyber security.

Audience: Students, Teaching & non-teaching staff, Media

Stakeholder: Media