21 Nov 2023

KBCNMU Jalgaon cyber warriors : News Coverages on Cyber Awareness Campaign

View a selection of news stories from regional publications that highlight the outstanding work being done by Cyber Warriors to increase cyber awareness across various societal groups. See the good effects that our champions are having on education and digital safety.

16 Nov 2023

QHF in collaboration with ‘CYDA India ‘ launched Cyber Shiksha for cyber Suraksha initiative to promote cyber safety awareness in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

As a befitting finale to the CyberAwarenessMonth of October and committed to ‘securing futures’ we have launched our “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha” program in Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh in partnership with Cyber Youth Development Association (CYDA).this launch program was a resounding success! Rajnandgaon is now geared up and ready to head towards a more cyber-resilient and digitally safer future. What about you? Join us in our endeavors.

10 Nov 2023

Shankarlal Khandelwal college Akola News Coverage Highlights the Influence of Cyber Warriors in the Cyber Awareness Campaign

Discover the inspiring endeavors of Cyber Warriors as they promote cyber awareness among various segments of society through a compilation of news articles from local newspapers. Witness the positive influence of our champions on digital safety and education

09 Nov 2023

Cyber Warriors’ Impact: News Coverage on Cyber Awareness Campaign

Explore a collection of news articles from local newspapers showcasing the remarkable efforts of Cyber Warriors in raising cyber awareness among diverse groups of society. Discover how our champions are making a positive impact on digital safety and education.

18 Oct 2023

QHF in partnership with a local NGO ‘Srijan – Ek Soch launched Cyber shiksha for cyber suraksha initiative in Barpeta, Assam.

Our CSR arm, Quick Heal Foundation, in partnership with a local NGO ‘Srijan – Ek Soch,’ proudly introduces the “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha ” initiative in Barpeta, Assam. It aims to impact over 10,000 villages in Barpeta, which is one of the 250 most backward districts in India. Approximately 40 volunteers will be selected from the local community and local college for training on soft skills and general cybersecurity awareness and is committed to empower the local community there. Join us on our journey as we build a safer digital world together!

18 Oct 2023

QHF Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha – 40 Street Plays in GOA in collaboration with Goa police.

In Goa, the “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha” campaign has attracted a remarkable amount of interest. More than 40 street performances will be staged by Quick Heal Foundation in collaboration with Goa police with the aim of empowering and teaching the public about cyber safety. Our team is totally devoted to reaching a large audience through this effort with the goal of fostering informed and cyber-savvy people. We see knowledge as the most effective tool to combat cybercrime.

13 Oct 2023

QHF Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Training conducted at New Arts commerce science college of Ahmednagar

The Quick Heal Foundation organized a cybersecurity awareness course in conjunction with Cyber Cell Ahmednagar and PI Pratik koli gave insights into the cyber world and given specific examples of cybercrimes. The dangers of the digital age were addressed by the PC Sangale. Children were also taught how to practice good cyber hygiene and keep themselves secure online as part of the training.

13 Oct 2023

Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Training conducted at Maulana Azad college Aurangabad

Training for Cyber Shiksha and Cyber Suraksha was provided at Maulana Azad College Aurangabad. Cyber Police Officer PI Pravina Yadav, gave training on the dangers and necessary safety precautions in the digital world. Trainers from Quick Heal will actively engage with the children, teaching them cybersecurity skills at the community level to prepare the next generation for the future of the country.

06 Oct 2023

QHF CSR Initiative -Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Training conducted at Vidya Pratisthan Baramati

The Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Training was conducted at Vidya Pratisthan College Baramati, where Quick Heal trainers provided valuable insights into digital risks and safety measures. This initiative is designed to empower the younger generation with knowledge and skills, ultimately contributing to the security of the nation’s future.

06 Oct 2023

QHF CSR Initiative – Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha Training conducted at Solapur University.

The Quik Heal Foundation, in partnership with the Maharashtra Cyber Cell, organized a cybersecurity education session at Solapur University. During the session, the QHF trainer imparted knowledge about various aspects of online activities and demonstrated real-life examples of online crimes. The police squad emphasized the dangers of the digital age and focused on educating young individuals on practicing online safety measures to protect themselves in the digital world.