Life Skill Project aims at helping adolescents from underprivileged families through various sessions of Life Skill Education, as they go through several physical and emotional changes during these years. Such students need mentoring to keep them away from wrong indulgences to encouraging them to focus on their academics.

Quick Heal Foundation in association with Pankh Foundation started this initiative in June 2015, currently benefitting more than 3300 students from across Pune region through this initiative. We have adopted 16 schools run by Rayat Shikshan Sanstha near Pune, Maharashtra (India) and to conduct these ‘Life Skill Training’ sessions for students from 9th and 11th standard in these schools. These children come from deprived backgrounds and usually their parents are also unaware of the importance to discussing such crucial issues with children.

And for those students who are already on the verge of falling in the traps of behavioral and family problems, alcoholic / drugs addictions, difficulty in studies, sexual abuse etc., ‘Life Skill Project’ conducts advance level counselling sessions to help students to deal with these situations.

7 Counsellors Volunteers
3 Years Active Since
16 Schools/Colleges
>3,300 People